Green MBS

Fannie Mae Green MBS carry all the benefits of our traditional Fannie Mae DUS® MBS while delivering environmental, social, and financial benefits.

More Information

The Fannie Mae Green MBS is a fixed-income single asset security generally backed by one loan and one property, providing the investor insight into both the environmental and financial attributes of the asset.

Cicero Second Opinion of Fannie Mae Green Bonds

Cicero has reviewed the Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Bond program and issued a Second Opinion.

Cicero Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Bond Second Opinion

Multifamily properties accessing Fannie Mae Green Financing must meet at least one of two criteria:

  1. possess a nationally recognized, current Green Building Certification; and/or
  2. make property improvements that target reductions in energy and/or water use.

Fannie Mae requires owners receiving Green Financing to report the property's annual ENERGY STAR® score for tracking of energy performance over the life of the loan.

All the benefits of our traditional Fannie Mae DUS® MBS

  • Guaranty of timely payment of principal and interest
  • Superior Call and Extension Protection
  • Lower spread volatility relative to other products with similar collateral
  • Stable cash fl­ows that are easy to model

Positive impact to the Triple Bottom Line

  • Financial: Lower credit risk, higher cash fl­ows, and higher property value
  • Social: Greater affordability and higher quality, healthier, more durable housing
  • Environmental: Lower use of energy and water resources, and greater resiliency

Green MBS Issuances

The Green MBS issuances download file contains three tabs of data:

  • A summary of all Green MBS issuances and all Green REMIC tranches
  • A listing of all Green MBS for DUS Loans (including Special Affordable Lenders)
  • A listing of REMICs that included a Green tranche

Download the Excel file for all Green MBS issuances