Fannie Mae works with diverse suppliers to deliver products, services, and expertise that can be counted on in all markets, at all times.

At Fannie Mae, we strive to maintain relationships with suppliers of impeccable integrity and business practices who provide our company with quality products and services for excellent value. We have a long‐standing commitment to diversity and have an active program for the inclusion of women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities, as well as women-, minority-, and disabled-owned businesses. Fannie Mae's Corporate Procurement office is the central purchasing office for the company.

Expectations of Our Suppliers

Fannie Mae has the following expectations of our suppliers:

  • High-quality goods, services, procedures, and processes
  • Inclusion and utilization of minorities and women, to the maximum extent possible at all levels of service
  • Strategic differentiation in competitive price offerings
  • Timely and accurate delivery of goods and services
  • The highest possible standards of business ethics and professional courtesy
  • Strict adherence to Fannie Mae's Service Requirements for Contractors and Consultants (PDF) as applicable
  • Professional customer service
  • Continuous improvement

Contracting Opportunities

Fannie Mae publishes select contracting opportunities as part of our efforts to encourage broad participation and bid submission by interested vendors/suppliers.

  • New suppliers need to create a profile in our supplier management system, ProcureOne, before responding to a contracting opportunity.
  • Click here to view contracting opportunities within our ProcureOne system. (Note: Access to ProcureOne is not available via mobile device.)
  • For more information about responding to a Contracting Opportunity with Fannie Mae, please use this guide.

Discrimination in Contracting Opportunity

Fannie Mae is committed to equal contracting opportunity for interested suppliers, in its contracting with financial institutions, investment banking firms, investment consultants or advisors, financial services entities, mortgage banking firms, asset management entities, underwriters, accountants, brokers, broker-dealers, and providers of legal services, among others.

No Reprisal or Retaliation

Fannie Mae prohibits reprisal or retaliation against any individual who reports or files a complaint relating to discrimination in the contracting process, or who participates in or cooperates with an investigation into such allegation(s).

If you believe that a violation of this Equal Contracting Opportunity statement has occurred, or if someone has reported a violation to you, you should promptly notify the Supplier Diversity team by:

Sending an email to with the following information:

  • Complainant’s name and company
  • Complainant’s email address
  • Complainant’s phone number
  • Bidding Identification Number (RFx, if applicable)
  • Name of supplier in question and type of business
  • Reason for complaint
  • Brief description of complaint
  • Any supporting documentation

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may submit your complaint via the Compliance & Ethics 1-888-FM-ETHICS phone line.

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated. Upon completion of the investigation, a response will be provided.