Opportunities to Enhance Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education

April 4, 2017

by Joe Weisbord
Director, Credit and Housing Access

Joe WeisbordPre-purchase homeownership education should help consumers make informed housing decisions; for example, whether to rent or own, how much home is affordable, what mortgage terms are most important, and what are the total costs of homeownership.

Ideally, better-informed consumer decision-making would result in better outcomes, including more sustainable homeownership and reduced mortgage defaults. Research results about the outcomes and effectiveness of pre-purchase homeownership education and counseling, however, vary considerably, prompting us to research current pre-purchase homeownership education practices and experience within the mortgage industry.

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The Shifting Determinants of Young-Adult Homeownership Before and After the Great Recession

March 30, 2017

by Julie Zissimopoulos and Patrick Simmons
University of Southern California; Fannie Mae Economic & Strategic Research Group

Julie Zissimopoulos and Patrick SimmonsThe Great Recession and housing bust dramatically altered the course of U.S. housing and mortgage markets. After the recession, depressed residential construction, falling home prices, tight mortgage credit, and retreating homeownership replaced the ebullient conditions of the decade-long housing boom.

In the most recent report from their ongoing study of young-adult homeownership, University of Southern California researchers explore the effects of young adults' race, education, income, and wealth on their homeownership.

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Integration: Key to Future Mortgage Technology Success

March 13, 2017

Tom Seidenstein

by Tom Seidenstein
Vice President for Strategy and Policy Research
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Five Ways "Beyond the Guide" Helps Mortgage Lenders Ensure Strong Loan Quality

March 6, 2017

Steve Spies

by Steve Spies
Vice President, Loan Quality
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How "Alphabet Soup" Led to Day 1 Certainty

March 2, 2017

Andrew Bon Salle

by Andrew Bon Salle
Executive Vice President, Single-Family Mortgage Business
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