Lenders and Real Estate Agents Still Beat Online Sources as Top Mortgage Influencers… For Now

October 19, 2017

by Steve Deggendorf
Director, Market Insights Research

Steve DeggendorfIncreasingly, consumers are going online to get information for a wide variety of shopping experiences, but person-to-person engagement still plays a key role. To better understand the kind of influence that both online and personal sources of information have on the mortgage shopping experience, we surveyed recent mortgage borrowers in the first quarter of 2017. We asked about their experiences with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, friends and family, and online sources of information, such as mobile apps, websites, and social media.

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We've created a whole new industry that does good by doing well (really well)

October 16, 2017

by Chrissa Pagitsas
Director, Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Financing Business

Chrissa PagitsasLast week, Fannie Mae announced funding of our 500th Multifamily Green Financing loan. That’s an important milestone, especially for a market that didn’t exist just seven years ago and was considered by many a tough nut to crack.

When I’m asked how we made this happen, I credit the three Ps: patience, protocols, and people.

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Baby Boomers Accelerate Their Advance into Free-and-Clear Homeownership

October 5, 2017

Patrick Simmons

by Patrick Simmons
Director, Strategic Planning, Economic & Strategic Research Group
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Renters Report Future Home Buying Optimism, While Family Financial Assistance Is Most Available to Populations with Higher Homeownership Rates

September 28, 2017

Sarah Shahdad

by Sarah Shahdad
Market Insights Researcher, Economic & Strategic Research Group
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Mortgage Lenders Shift Focus to Enhancing the Consumer Experience

August 23, 2017

Doug Duncan

by Doug Duncan
SVP and Chief Economist, Fannie Mae
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