Multifamily Credit Risk Transfer

Fannie Mae partners with private sources of capital to transfer mortgage credit risk, develop broad and liquid markets, and reduce taxpayer risk.


of our multifamily book of business was seriously delinquent as of Q3 2019.

The Multifamily team uses an industry-leading framework to manage credit risk over the full loan lifecycle, from underwriting to maturity/disposition:

Underwriting Management

We set prudent underwriting standards and regularly reevaluate them to address credit tolerance relative to current market conditions.

Performance Management

We review credit decisions to confirm that credit risk is appropriately managed during loan underwriting, then monitor performance throughout the loan term.

Mitigation Strategies

Our loss mitigation teams aim to identify risks early and develop strategies to minimize potential losses.

See Multifamily's industry-leading framework

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Multifamily Industry Leading Framework

Multifamily's credit risk transfer vehicles