Green Financing Loans

Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Financing offers an array of benefits for borrowers, including preferential pricing and additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Fannie Mae Offers Green Financing for Every Need

Fannie Mae offers Green Financing for properties investing in smart, cost-saving property improvements. Cut energy costs, reduce water bills, and create value with Fannie Mae's Green Rewards, Green Preservation Plus, or Green Building Certification Pricing Break. Green Financing is available for:

  • Properties seeking to make energy- and water-saving property improvements
  • Properties already Green Building Certified
  • Affordable and conventional properties nationwide
  • Acquisition, refinance or supplemental loans
  • Multifamily, Cooperative, Seniors, Military & Student

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Green Financing Loan Incentives

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Green Rewards

Green Rewards provides additional loan proceeds and preferential pricing to multifamily property owners making smart property investments. Green Rewards, which can be used with any Fannie Mae loan, offers a lower interest rate and up to an additional 5% in loan proceeds. Use Green Rewards to make energy and water efficiency improvements or install renewable energy generating systems.

Green Preservation Plus

Green Preservation Plus assists owners to transform aging affordable housing and make smart investments for the long term. Flexible loan terms allows owners to access extra loan proceeds for general and property improvements that prevent deterioration and cut energy and water waste.

Lower all-in interest rate on loans for multifamily properties with Green Building Certification

Fannie Mae recognizes the value of Green Building Certifications by offering a lower interest rate on loans for multifamily properties with a nationally recognized Green Building Certification. Fannie Mae's preferential pricing on loans for Green Building Certified properties is available for refinance, acquisition, or supplemental loans.

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Green MBS

Green MBS, like our standard DUS MBS, are generally backed by a single loan on a multifamily property.

DUS MBS become green in one of two ways: by utilizing Fannie Mae Green Financing or by receiving a green building certification.

Fannie Mae will disclose a property's ENERGY STAR® Score and Energy Use Intensity (EUI) if the property is subject to a local benchmarking law.