Community Opportunity Fund Fact Sheet

Innovative Idea

Telehealth Tools in Senior and Affordable Housing to Reduce Hospital Visits.


Newark, New Jersey.

Proposal Overview

This project will bring health care services to seniors and residents in large-scale affordable housing. It will include weekly remote patient monitoring (RPM) of vital signs and blood pressure monitoring, and health status questions that can predict hospitalization. The information is transmitted to an electronic database dashboard, where a registered nurse will review it and follow-up with the participant, primary care physician, and/or caregiver. The telehealth services will be supported by wrap around social services and programming that will be co-produced with residents.

The use of preventative health care services within a large affordable housing community will improve health and reduce repetitive, under 30-day hospital admissions and ER visits, and other reliance on the health care system. The onsite preventative care will reduce the healthcare costs both to the resident and to the healthcare system. With reduced costs, low-income residents will have more disposable income, allowing older residents to age in place and increasing all residents’ financial opportunity. The project will also explore opportunities to bill Medicare and Medicaid to reimburse for costs associated with the telehealth program.


Community Opportunity Fund.

Community Opportunity Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of residents of affordable housing by providing access to health, social services, education, culture, employment, and recreation programs. They measure the results and use the data to shift public policy and funding towards the creation of communities of opportunity for all Americans.

Project Lead

Dawn Mottram.

Dawn Mottram is the executive director of the Community Opportunity Fund. She most recently served as head of development for Southern Housing Group, a charitable housing organization based in London, after spending many years in the nonprofit affordable housing sector in the United Kingdom. While there, she directed a large and complex housing development program focused on the delivery of affordable, sustainable housing with associated resident services. In addition to her role within the Community Opportunity Fund, Dawn is also director of strategic initiatives for Jonathan Rose Companies.


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