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Note: The actual provisions of the Fannie Mae Selling and Servicing Guides, as may be amended by the lender’s or servicer’s contracts with Fannie Mae, shall govern in the event of any inconsistency with these answers.

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When should I cancel hazard insurance once a property goes to foreclosure sale? For non-redemption states, the insurance for conventional first lien mortgage loans must be cancelled within 14 days after the post foreclosure inspection is completed and the property is confirmed vacant. For redemption states, the insurance for conventional first lien loans must be cancelled once the redemption period has expired and the property is reported vacant. In either scenario, vacancy can be confirmed when we provide a Vacancy Report through HomeTracker.
Where can I get more information about Fannie Mae's SMDU? The Servicing Management Default Underwriter (SMDU) is a loss mitigation platform used by Fannie Mae servicers for real-time evaluation and decisioning. To find out more, talk with your Fannie Mae portfolio manager or visit our website for an Executive Overview, a Servicer Fact Sheet, and other helpful resources.
How do I register mortgage default counsel to handle default-related legal services? Law firms that will perform default-related legal services for us (e.g., foreclosures, bankruptcies, and related litigation) must be selected and retained based on the requirements in the Servicing Guide. We will notify you when the law firm you recommended has completed the training and we have executed a Retention Agreement. The in-person training is a critical element in limiting legal and reputational risk to Fannie Mae and its servicers. (Ref: A4-2.2-01: Selecting and Retaining Law Firms)
What actions must I take to approve a borrower for a release or an easement? The servicer must ensure that the borrower submits an Application for Release of Security (Form 236) in addition to providing the information listed in Servicing Guide D1-1-01. (Ref: D1-1-01: Evaluating a Request for the Release of a Beneficial Easement or the Grant of a Burdensome Easement)
How do I enter a modification in Asset Management Network? To enter a modification, log into AMN, and if submitting a case as "Delegated," use the "Create/Submit Closed Loan Modification Case" link under Home Savers Solutions Network. If submitting a case as Non-Delegated, use the "Fannie Mae's Workout Profiler" link under Home Savers Solutions Network. Click the HSSN Job Aids on the page to access the following job aids: "Creating and Submitting a Closed Modification Case" or "Requesting Approval for a Fannie Mae Standard Modification."
How do I submit for expense reimbursement? Servicers can request expense reimbursement through Black Knight Financial Service's (BKFS) LoanSphere system (LoanSphere). All new servicers should contact to start the process. If it's been longer than 30 days since the last log-in attempt or the account is locked, use the "Login Help" button and follow the prompts to send company details to BKFS Customer Care Group at See the "Servicer Expense Reimbursement Job Aid" on the page for more details.