Technology Manager

Technology Manager allows registered users of Fannie Mae technology applications to view and modify their user profile and security information.

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I haven't signed up for Technology Manager, and I need to add, change or delete access to an application. What do I do?

Access applicable registration forms on page below.
Historic Registration Forms

Technology Manager Replaces Profile Access Manager for Administrators and End Users
Technology Manager replaced Profile Access Manager as the tool to update Fannie Mae technology user information. In early 2011, Technology Manager added administrator functionality that replaced Profile Access Manager for Administrators, allowing customers to manage their access to Fannie Mae technology with capabilities and controls not available today. This initial administrator release applies only to lenders and will be available to non-lenders in a later release. Non-lenders should continue to follow PAM for Administrators procedures.

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Tips to Safeguard Your Information

Are You a First-Time User?

If so, contact the designated Technology Manager administrator at your company to register you for the application(s). Only administrators have the ability to set up and manage application access for users. Once registered, users can set up their passwords and update their personal profiles via Technology Manager.

Having Trouble Logging In?

Get Help With Your User ID or Password

Note: If your account is locked or deactivated, contact your Technology Manager or PAM administrator.

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