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Separator image Fannie Mae's Single-Family mortgage business works with a nationwide network of lenders, servicers, and other industry participants. Together, we help serve the need for liquidity, stability, and affordability in the U.S. mortgage finance market. See a list of available Single-Family sections of content on the business website, including technology applications, Selling and Servicing Guide resources, and training.

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The Single-Family website is organized based on the phases of the loan life-cycle: Originating & Underwriting, Pricing & Execution, Delivering, and Servicing. Log in to access your technology applications, or go to each phase's section for related resources, including Guide resources, technology applications, training, pricing and eligibility information, and more.

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Selling & Servicing Guide Resources

Access Fannie Mae's selling and servicing requirements (including links to the Selling Guide, Servicing Guide, and Lender Announcements and Letters) via the related loan life-cycle functions below.