Guide Forms

List of forms that lenders and servicers must use in fulfilling the requirements contained in the Selling and Servicing Guides.

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Guide Form Instructions

Form instructions are appended to the back of each individual form (with a few appended to the front).

Selling and Servicing Guide Forms

Form Title
Form 1011 Special Lender Approval Form - Co-op Share Loans
Form 1026 Application for Project Approval
Form 1029 Warranty of Project Presales
Form 1030 Project Eligibility Review Service Document Checklist
Form 1051 Project Development / Master Association Plan
Form 1054 Warranty of Condominium Project Legal Documents
Form 1071 Statement of Insurance and Fidelity Coverage
Form 1073A Analysis of Annual Income and Expenses-Operating Budget
Form 1076 Condominium Project Questionnaire - Full Form
Form 1077 Condominium Project Questionnaire - Short Form
Form 1081 Final Certification of Substantial Project Completion
Form 1091 Application for Approval of Established Project