Condo, Co-op, and Planned Unit Development (PUD) Eligibility

What's New

  • Omission in June 5 Selling Guide update corrected

    The June 5 Selling Guide publication initially omitted a bullet related to projects operating as a hotel or motel, but the text has been corrected. Refer to Selling Guide B4-2.1-03, Ineligible Projects, to read the full, corrected copy.

  • Simplified condo eligibility requirements

    We’ve made it easier for lenders to originate condo loans by simplifying our requirements and adding more flexibility to our policies. These changes respond to lender feedback and align with industry standards.

Condo Project Manager™ (CPM™)
CPM can help lenders quickly and easily certify
a condo project.

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Step 1: Determine a Condo Project Review Type
Step 2: Follow the Condo Project Review Type Requirements
Step 3: Confirm the Condo Project Insurance Requirements

Get the details: At-A-Glance: Condo Project Review and Insurance Requirements

Project Eligibility Review Service

The Project Eligibility Review Service (PERS) is a review method available to lenders to submit project information to Fannie Mae for eligibility review. The use of PERS is required for the review of certain projects.

OnDemand eLearning Courses

The first course provides a beginner-level overview of condo projects and eligibility, while the second provides step-by-step guidance for using Condo Project Manager.

Condo Project Questionnaire

The GSEs have developed standardized Condo Project Questionnaire forms (1076/1077). Although optional, these forms are encouraged as they provide lenders a clear and consistent approach to collecting information from HOAs regarding condo projects.