Condo, Co-op, and Planned Unit Development (PUD) Eligibility

What's New

  • Reduced Fee for Streamlined PERS new

    We have reduced the fee for the Streamlined Project Eligibility Review Service review of established condo projects from $1,000 to $500.

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Coming Soon: Customizable Condo Buyer's Guide

Stay tuned for a fully customizable Condo Buyer's Guide. You'll be able to add you own logo and provide an online or print-ready version for borrowers. See the preview.

Getting Started

See information and resources related to project eligibility and requirements, including review types and insurance requirements.

OnDemand eLearning Courses

The first course provides a beginner-level overview of condo projects and eligibility, while the second provides step-by-step guidance for using Condo Project Manager.

Condo Project Questionnaire

The GSEs have developed standardized Condo Project Questionnaire forms (1076/1077). Although optional, these forms are encouraged as they provide lenders a clear and consistent approach to collecting information from HOAs regarding condo projects.

Condo Project Manager

Condo Project Manager™ (CPM™) a web-based tool that enables lenders to quickly and easily certify a condo project (or a legal phase of a project) through the CPM review process. The project must meet the minimum requirements for CPM review. CPM’s built-in rules apply the best and most streamlined guidelines to a project.

Project Eligibility Review Service

The Project Eligibility Review Service (PERS) is a review method available to lenders to submit project information to Fannie Mae for eligibility review. The use of PERS is required for the review of certain projects.

Special Approval Designation

The Special Approval designation applies to certain established projects located in Florida. Lenders must use Special Feature Code 156 for delivery of loans secured by units in condo projects with a Special Approval designation. In addition, lenders must deliver project review code Type T - Fannie Mae Review.