Profile Access Manager

Profile Access Manager for Administrators is used by non-lenders who may have 15 or more employees. Profile Access Manager allows an authorized person in an organization to create and manage user-level access to selected technology applications.

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Desktop Originator (DO)

Please complete the forms and links below to update and maintain your Desktop Originator (DO) account information.

First-Time Users

Title Description
Software Subscription Form/Agreement Submit this form if this is the first Fannie Mae technology application for which your organization has registered. If your organization has already completed this form, you do not need to complete it again.

Registration Forms

Title Description
DO User Registration Form Use this form to add, modify, or delete a user's access to Desktop Originator (DO).
Online Billing User Registration Form Complete this form to become an approved user of the Online Billing Service or to add, delete, or modify users.

Account Updates

Title Description
Customer Change Request Form Use this form to change your company name or contact information.
DO Lender/Originator Relationship Form Use this form to add lender and/or originator relationships.