Profile Access Manager

Profile Access Manager for Administrators is used by non-lenders who may have 15 or more employees. Profile Access Manager allows an authorized person in an organization to create and manage user-level access to selected technology applications.

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  • Technology Manager Version 2.1 Release Notes

    On Sept. 12, 2016, we will implement Technology Manager Version 2.1, which will include a number of enhancements, including streamlined access provisioning for new users, improved reporting functionality, enhanced messaging, and more.

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Password Management

Profile Access Manager Retiring Soon Exclamation Point

We are committed to streamlining technology access management for our customers. Effective Sept. 26, 2016, we will migrate all Profile Access Manager User ID's and passwords to our enhanced access management application, Technology Manager.

Technology Manager provides the same features currently available in Profile Access Manager, including administrative rights to set up and manage user profiles, passwords, and user access to specified Fannie Mae technology applications, and more.

To further support your transition, we have a number of resources available to you on the Technology Manager page.

First-Time Users

Title Description
Software Subscription Form/Agreement Submit this form if this is the first Fannie Mae technology application for which your organization has registered. If your organization has already completed this form, you do not need to complete it again.

Order Forms

Title Description
HCO Order Form Complete this form if this is your first time registering for Home Counselor Online (HCO) or to update your company's information or remove access to HCO for your organization.
PAM Order Form Complete this order form to set up your company with Profile Access Manager for Administrators.

Registration Forms

Title Description
DO User Registration Form Use this form to add, modify, or delete a user's access to Desktop Originator (DO).
HCO User Registration Form Complete this form if this is your first time registering for Home Counselor Online (HCO) or to add a new employee, or to change or delete existing user(s) access to HCO.
Online Billing User Registration Form Complete this form to become an approved user of the Online Billing Service or to add, delete, or modify users.
PAM Administrator User Registration Form Complete this form for each user in your company who you would like to designate as an Admin for Profile Access Manager.

Account Updates

Title Description
Customer Change Request Form Use this form to change your company name or contact information.
DO Lender/Originator Relationship Form Use this form to add lender and/or originator relationships.

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