Seller/Servicer-Initiated Post-Purchase Adjustments

A post-purchase adjustment (PPA) may be required if a data discrepancy is discovered between a lender’s loan records and the data attributes submitted at the time of delivery to Fannie Mae. This page offers important resources for both lender-initiated and Fannie Mae-initiated PPA requests.

What's New

  • Updates to the PPA Data Change Rules Matrix

    The PPA Data Change Rules Matrix was recently updated on 6/18/2018. In this update, documentation requirements were streamlined for certain data attributes and Special Feature Codes (SFCs). New SFCs were also added along with documentation requirements supporting a data change. Reference the Post-Purchase Adjustments page for additional resources on PPAs.

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Lender Initiated PPAs

If you find there is a discrepancy between data attributes submitted at the time of delivery to Fannie Mae and your loan records, a PPA may be required. Review the "Seller/Servicer-Initiated PPA Job Aid" for step-by-step details on initiating a PPA, as well as whom to contact (e.g., Investor Reporting (Servicers), Resource Team (Sellers), LLPA inquiries, etc.).

Help & Training

Fannie Mae Initiated PPAs

Fannie Mae’s Data Validation Center (DVC) manages the data validation process. Loans for which Fannie Mae requests a data review are provided to the seller in a DVC Loan Review Report (.xls) in Message Manager. Fannie Mae and the lender will then work together to determine whether a data change is required.