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Recent News

  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Processes and Controls with the New Servicer Self-Assessment new

    As a component of Simplifying Servicing, we're offering the Servicer Self-Assessment -- designed to help Fannie Mae servicers improve processes and procedures in key servicing areas.

  • Servicing Guide Updates

    This update simplifies servicing by providing preservation procedures for properties that secure delinquent loans; clarifying inspection requirements for delinquent loans; adding and updating repair descriptions and reimbursement limits for preservation work; allowing electronic signatures on inspection reports; providing photo examples of properly completed preservation work; and more.

  • Fannie Mae Standard Modification Interest Rate Adjustment Exhibit

    This Exhibit provides the new Fannie Mae Standard Modification Interest Rate required for all Fannie Mae conventional mortgage loan modifications, excluding Fannie Mae HAMP Modifications.

  • Close More Loans With HomeReady

    Our 3% down payment product is designed to serve low- to moderate-income borrowers.

  • Latest Survey Shows Slowing Mortgage Demand Drives Expected Credit Easing

    View the infographic and learn more.

  • June 2017 AQM List Posted

    The June 2017 Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list has been posted on the Appraiser Quality Monitoring page.

  • ULDD Phase 3 Implementation Update

    The GSEs have announced minor updates to the ULDD Phase 3 specification as well as our implementation dates for the collection of the new HMDA data. Loan Delivery will accept this data for delivery as of Dec. 18.

  • UCD V. 3.0 Coming Aug. 28

    The UCD solution version 3.0 release will bring you enhanced UCD Findings Reports, updates to the file transfer capability, and simplified edit feedback messages.

  • EarlyCheck V. 5.3.1 Is on the Way

    Several new and modified edits will be implemented during the weekend of Aug. 27, plus updates to ARM LTV Ratios.

  • Washington AAA Matrix Correction

    A correction has been made to the updated mediation fees in the Washington AAA matrix. To view the updated matrices, visit the Excess Attorney Fee/Cost Guidelines page.

  • Servicing Guide Updates to Simplify Your Business

    To make it easier for custodians to locate the information they need, content that was duplicative with the Requirements for Document Custodians (RDC) has been removed from the Servicing Guide.

  • Servicing Guide Updates

    This update simplifies servicing by reducing post-foreclosure sale responsibilities for servicers; allowing servicers to leverage the Flex Modification program and utilize electronic notarization; streamlining the short sale process; clarifying servicer responsibilities for mortgage loan recordings and reimbursements; enhancing servicer performance ratings; removing duplicate content from the Servicing Guide; and more.

  • All Excess Fee AAA Matrices Updated

    AAA matrices for all 54 jurisdictions have been updated to include a revised fee for a Motion to Dismiss foreclosure. Additionally, the Washington AAA Matrix has been updated to include revised mediation fees. To view the updated matrices, visit the Excess Attorney Fee/Cost Guidelines page.

  • Customizable Condo Buyer’s Guide

    A customizable Condo Buyer's Guide has been added to the offerings in our Marketing Center. Add your logo and contact information and provide an online or print-ready version to potential condo buyers.

  • HomeReady Mortgage Income Limits Updates

    Effective the weekend of July 8, 2017, updated HomeReady income limits will be implemented in Desktop Underwriter (DU) and in the HomeReady Income Eligibility Lookup tool. Read the Selling Notice for more information.

  • New Quarterly Compass

    Discover Q2 2017 news and timelines related to Fannie Mae technology, policy, training opportunities, and beyond.

  • Learn More About Adjustable-Rate Mortgages in Our New Course

    Take the Overview of the Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) online course to learn more about the different types of ARMs, major indices, borrower repayment, and more.

  • UCD V. 2.0 Features New Transfer Capability

    The UCD application (version 2.0) release features the ability to transfer UCD files, plus edit feedback messages and other enhancements.

  • No impact to DU based on credit report changes

    Effective July 2017, credit reports will no longer include most tax liens and civil judgments. There will be no impact to the DU risk assessment and recommendations. There will be no change to our current policy that requires judgments and liens to be paid off before or at closing.

  • Lender Letter LL 2017-02: Credit Report Changes

    Effective July 2017, the credit reporting agencies will no longer include most tax liens and civil judgments in credit reports. Read Lender Letter LL-2017-02 for more information.

  • Student Loan Solutions

    We've implemented new policies to help more borrowers with student loan debt qualify for a home loan.

  • GSEs Announce Closing Disclosure Relief

    To provide relief to customers, the GSEs announced that the Closing Disclosure PDF will not be required to be embedded within the UCD XML file until April 2018.

  • Our Duty to Serve Underserved Markets Plan Now Available for Review and Comment

    Public input on the proposed Plan can be provided to FHFA through July 10, 2017.

  • DO/DU User Interface Updates for HMDA Fields

    The Desktop Originator/Desktop Underwriter user interface will be updated the weekend of July 29, to support the new HMDA data requirements related to borrower demographic information.

  • Selling Guide Updates

    The following updates were made in May: electronically notarized documents are accepted by Fannie Mae; whole loan ARM commitments now use the gross mortgage margin; over-delivery limits of whole loan commitments cannot exceed 25%; more flexibility for whole loan cash back pair-offs; and copies of mortgage documents are allowable documentation.

  • Selling Guide Update Includes eNotarization

    The Selling Guide now references eNotarization as an acceptable method of notarizing digital documents (e.g., security instruments). We will accept electronically notarized documents if the notarization occurred in person or via audio or video communication.

  • Key Selling Announcement SEL-2017-05 Updates

    For a summary of key updates in this Selling Guide Announcement, view the executive perspectives video presented by Jude Landis, Vice President, Credit Policy, and the executive overview provided by Carlos Perez, Chief Credit Officer for Single Family.

  • DU Version 10.1 Brings Simpler, More Certain Underwriting Guidelines

    Over the weekend of July 29, we will implement a Desktop Underwriter release that includes an update to the risk assessment and other enhancements.

  • GlobalCapital Recognizes Our Securitization Programs with Four Industry Awards

    We have been named winner of four awards by international financial trade publication, GlobalCapital.

  • Loan Delivery Supports ULDD Phase 3 and UCD

    As of May 22, lenders may start delivering ULDD Phase 3 data (non-HMDA). Plus, UCD Casefile ID validation edits will be introduced July 24.