Native American Homeownership

We make homeownership more accessible to Native American communities, building lasting partnerships that serve the affordable housing needs of tribal families and communities.

Are you a Tribal Leader or Tribally Designated Housing Entity?

Contact Kellie Coffey to learn how your tribe can benefit from Fannie Mae's mortgage products: Native_American@fanniemae
or (301) 418-7643.

Initiative for Native American Homeownership


With the Initiative for Native American Homeownership, we’re able to offer a new option for tribes and lenders—the opportunity to use conventional mortgages on tribal lands.
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We Purchase HUD-184 Loans

HUD-184 Guaranteed loans offer Native Americans low down payments and other flexibilities. Fannie Mae purchases HUD-184 loans from lenders, and you can learn more about them here.

Government Resources

Bureau of Indian Affairs

HUD's Office of Native American Programs

HUD's Model Tribal Lending Procedures

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Homeownership education requirement changes now in effect new

On December 7, Fannie Mae implemented policy changes expanding homeownership education loan requirements. To receive the $75 Framework course fee waiver, borrowers must register through the new course link or Borrowers registering via other URLs may be charged the non-refundable $75 fee. For more information about these and other homeownership education changes, click here.

Fannie Mae works with lenders, Native American Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), tribal governments and their Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHE), government entities, and Native American Housing Coalitions to increase mortgage financing opportunities for Native American Communities both on and off tribal trust and restricted lands.

Fannie Mae Brings Choice to Tribal Lands

Whether you’re using a HUD-184 or non-government loan products for tribal trust lands, Fannie Mae has you covered. Our suite of options provides Native American lenders, tribes and homeowners options to find the loan that’s right for them.

Tribal Partners (click the + to expand)

These tribes have signed a memorandum of understanding with Fannie Mae to make our mortgage products available on their lands.

Our Conventional Mortgage Products Include


HomeReady can help meet the needs of your community’s low- to moderate-income borrowers. Down payments as low as 3%, flexible sources of funds for down payment, and taking supplemental boarder income into consideration make this an appealing, affordable option. Learn more about HomeReady mortgages.

HFA Preferred

In addition to housing counseling and other services, housing finance agencies (HFAs) can also provide down payment and closing cost assistance. Learn more about HFAs and our HFA Preferred mortgage to help your borrowers gain access to these resources.

Loans for Manufactured Housing

Lack of inventory can be challenging for many borrowers looking to buy a home on tribal lands. Fannie Mae offers several financing options for manufactured housing (MH) titled as real estate to suit a variety of homebuyers. We offer financing for traditional MH, as well as MH Advantage™, which provides affordable home loans for manufactured housing that more closely resembles site-built homes. Learn more

Mortgages for Renovation and Repair

Older homes may be in need of renovations and repairs before they’re move-in ready. HomeStyle Renovation can help finance needed upgrades as part of the purchase mortgage. Get more information about HomeStyle Renovation.

Lending Forms

Form Title
Form 4801 Residential Lease of Tribal-Owned Land Form
Form 4802 Addendum To Fixed-Rate Note
Form 4803 Memorandum of Understanding
Form 4804 Native American Housing Security Instrument Rider For Allotments
Form 4805 Native American Housing Security Instrument Rider For Leaseholds
Form 4806 Fannie Mae's Sample Tribal Ordinance for Mortgage Lending Procedures
Form 4807 Native American Housing Security Instrument Rider For Assignments