MH Advantage® and Standard MH Mortgages

Drive your business forward with manufactured housing, an affordable alternative to site-built homes.

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  • MH Advantage Overview Webinar

    With Fannie Mae's innovative MH Advantage offering, designated manufactured homes (MH) designed with features similar to site-built homes are now eligible for financing terms more consistent with standard conventional loans. Join us for an overview of MH Advantage mortgages to see how our new offering fits into your portfolio.

  • MH Advantage Training for Appraisers

    View our new eLearning to discover more about MH Advantage requirements, roles and responsibilities, and more.

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Learn everything you need to know about financing manufactured housing.

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MH Advantage makes it easier for buyers to find financing for eligible manufactured homes. Find out more, including program highlights and tools for engaging retailers.

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Affordable starter homes have become scarcer, smaller, older, and more likely in need of major renovations. They have also seen a significant increase in prices. Fannie Mae believes today's modern, high-quality manufactured homes can help ease the nation's affordable housing shortage, address borrowers' evolving needs, and provide a growing business opportunity for lenders and the industry.

MH Advantage®

MH Advantage is an innovative new mortgage option that offers affordable conventional financing for manufactured housing (MH) with features similar to site-built homes, including:

  • Roof treatments distinct from traditional manufactured homes, including eaves and higher pitch rooflines.
  • Lower profile foundations, carports, garages, porches, and/or dormers.
  • Interiors that feature drywall and kitchens and bathrooms with upgraded cabinets.
  • Exteriors that feature durable siding materials.

MH Advantage-eligible homes can become a seamless part of any single-family neighborhood.

Flexible and affordable for your borrowers

With MH Advantage, you can help prospective homebuyers get the design features they want at a price they can afford. Loans secured by MH Advantage properties feature a number of flexibilities compared with standard MH:

  • Higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, up to 97%.
  • Waived 0.50% LLPA
  • Can be combined with HomeReady, HFA Preferred, and other Fannie Mae mortgages (see Eligibility Matrix for specific requirements).

Simple appraisal and underwriting

The underwriting and origination processes are streamlined and straightforward, allowing you to manage your MH portfolio with greater ease and flexibility.

  • Appraisers can easily identify homes eligible for MH Advantage through a manufacturer sticker
  • Appraisers will use the best and most appropriate other sales available, which may include sales of site-built homes.
  • Standard MI coverage applies.

Participating Manufacturers

Expand to see a list of manufacturers participating in MH Advantage.

Adventure Homes

Cavco Industries, Inc.

Chariot Eagle
Fairmont Homes
Fleetwood Homes
Lexington Homes
Palm Harbor Homes

Clayton Homes, Inc.

Cavalier Home Builders, LLC
CMH Hodgeville, Inc.
CMH Manufacturing West, Inc.
Southern Energy Homes, Inc.

Commodore Homes

American Homes of Brewerton
American Homes of Dryden
American Homes of Weedsport
Hudson Valley Homes
TCC Clarion Limited Partnership

Deer Valley

Destiny Industries

Eagle River Homes, LLC

Franklin Homes, LLC

Hallmark Southwest

Kabco Builders, Inc.

Kit Custom HomeBuilders

Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc.

Oak Creek Homes, LLC

American Homestar of Lancaster, LLC
Platinum Homes, LLC

Pine Grove Homes

ScotBilt Homes, Inc.

Skyline Champion Corporation

Champion Home Builders, Inc.
Champion Modular, Inc.
Homette Corporation
Skyline Homes, Inc.

Sunshine Homes, Inc.

*Parent companies in bold italics.

Standard MH

Standard MH — which includes traditional single- and double-wide homes that are not eligible for MH Advantage — offers an even more affordable alternative to site-built homes for millions of American households, especially in high-cost and rural areas. Fannie Mae purchases mortgages secured by manufactured housing titled as real estate via our approved lender partners using our standard MH underwriting guidelines.

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