MH Advantage® and Standard MH Mortgages

Today's modern manufactured homes (MH) can help ease the nation's affordable housing shortage, address borrowers' evolving needs, and provide a growing business opportunity for lenders and the industry.

What's New

  • MH Advantage Overview Webinar

    With Fannie Mae's innovative MH Advantage offering, designated manufactured homes (MH) designed with features similar to site-built homes are now eligible for financing terms more consistent with standard conventional loans. Join us for an overview of MH Advantage mortgages to see how our new offering fits into your portfolio.

  • MH is now Eligible for C-to-P financing

    Manufactured homes are now eligible for Construction-to-Permanent financing. Find more details on the C-to-P Financing page or New Manufactured Home Financing Matrix.

Manufacturer and Retailer Resources

MH Advantage makes it easier for buyers to find financing for eligible manufactured homes.

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Appraiser Resources

$75 Framework course fee is now waived new

On October 23, Fannie Mae officially began waiving the $75 Framework homeownership course fee, removing the cost burden and potential cost hurdle for your borrowers. To learn more about this change along with other upcoming homeownership education changes, click here.

MH Advantage®

Combine features, like a down payment as low as 3%, with the lower price and customizable finishes of modern manufactured homes. MH Advantage homes are built to blend in to traditional neighborhoods.

Standard MH

Standard MH — which includes traditional single- and double-wide homes that are not eligible for MH Advantage — offers another alternative to site-built homes.

MH Advantage: Affordable, Conventional Financing for Homes with Site-Built Features

MH Advantage Homes: Similar to Site-Built with Simple Appraisal

MH Advantage homes have features like lower profile foundations, garages or carports, and drywall throughout. See the Retailer Home Specs for details.

Appraisers choose the most appropriate comparable sales, which – unlike standard MH -- may include sales of site-built homes. Confirming the home is eligible for MH Advantage is also easy for lenders:

  • The appraiser will include photos of the MH Advantage manufacturer sticker and specific access improvements in the appraisal.
  • Lenders only need to confirm those photos are present in the report to know a home is eligible.

See the Lender Process Overview for details.

Affordable Financing

MH Advantage brings affordable financing to manufactured housing with:

  • A down payment as low as 3%.
  • Waived 0.50% LLPA, which means more homebuyer savings
  • MI coverage comparable to site-built homes

Get Started with MH Advantage

Learn more about MH Advantage and help your industry partners understand what our innovative new offering can do for their businesses.


Lenders: Contact your relationship manager

Manufacturers and Retailers: Contact to learn more, including how to become a participating manufacturer.

Standard MH: Financing for Traditional Single- and Double-Wides

Standard MH financing, for homes that don’t qualify for MH Advantage, provides a path to homeownership for millions of American households, especially in high-cost and rural areas. Fannie Mae purchases mortgages secured by manufactured housing titled as real estate using our standard MH underwriting guidelines.

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