Multi-language Resources 
for Lenders

We've consolidated selling-related documents in multiple languages from sources across the industry as a convenience to help you better serve your customers.

Multilingual and non-English speaking consumers represent some of the largest growing segments of the mortgage market. These translated Resources for Lenders can help you serve your markets better.
This page consolidates many loan origination documents, such as the loan application, loan estimate, verification forms, closing disclosure, mortgage and note, along with many other helpful mortgage resources. Simply use the drop-down menu below to view documents in English, Spanish (Español), or traditional Chinese (中文).
Important Note: There are many legal issues involved in originating mortgage loans in a language other than English, including federal, state and local laws (such as those for California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas and the District of Columbia) that address marketing, negotiating, and conducting lending activities. You should consult legal counsel about which requirements may apply to your business and the use of these materials.