Housing Goals Data

Take advantage of the following resources to deliever accurate Housing Goals data and to determine what to do should your data be out of compliance with our requirements.


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Exclamation Point Effective Q4 2019, Fannie Mae will be retiring Additional Data Elements. A new process for correcting specific housing goals data will be provided prior to retirement.

Lenders must provide Fannie Mae with all Housing Goals specific data items for every loan we purchase so that we can measure our success in meeting our regulatory Housing Goals. Our regulator uses this information – about the borrower(s) (race, ethnicity, gender, age, income, first-time homebuyer status, etc.) and the loan (mortgage note date, APR spread, loan purpose, loan type, etc.) – to determine if we are satisfying its requirements to, among other things, provide affordable housing to low-income borrowers and those living in low-income areas.

Submitting Housing Goals Data
Required borrower and housing goals data is collected upfront through Loan Delivery.

The Loan Delivery Business Rules Dictionary document provides definitions of each field, and associated edit messages.

Additional Data Elements (ADE)
Fannie Mae’s Additional Data Elements (ADE) application enables lenders to deliver and correct specific Housing Goals data. Although Loan Delivery allows submission of the Housing Goals data along with the delivery of the loan, ADE continues to be used as a supplementary system to collect this data.

NOTE: To obtain access to ADE, contact your company's delegated Technology Manager administrator, who may grant you access via Technology Manager. Note that ADE is accessible using your Loan Delivery user ID and password.