Housing Goals Data

Take advantage of the following resources to deliver accurate Housing Goals data and to determine what to do should your data be out of compliance with our requirements.


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Exclamation Point Attention: as of December 1, 2019, this system is no longer supported by Fannie Mae.

For edits related to HMDA Borrower Demographic Data elements, refer to the Job Aid to learn more about how to access the new self-service data change process.

For all remaining housing goals data, visit Fannie Mae's Post Purchase Adjustment page for guidance.

Lenders must provide Fannie Mae with all Housing Goals specific data items for every loan we purchase so that we can measure our success in meeting our regulatory Housing Goals. Our regulator uses this information – about the borrower(s) (race, ethnicity, gender, age, income, first-time homebuyer status, etc.) and the loan (mortgage note date, APR spread, loan purpose, loan type, etc.) – to determine if we are satisfying its requirements to, among other things, provide affordable housing to low-income borrowers and those living in low-income areas.

Submitting Housing Goals Data
Required borrower and housing goals data is collected upfront through Loan Delivery.

The Loan Delivery Business Rules Dictionary document provides definitions of each field, and associated edit messages.

For updates to HMDA Borrower Demographic data element

Refer to the Job Aid to learn more about how to access the new self-service data change process.

  • HMDA Borrower Gender Information
  • HMDA Borrower Ethnicity Information
  • HMDA Borrower Race Information
  • Property Year Built

For updates to remaining Housing Goals data

Request data changes by using the PPA Request Form found on the Post Purchase Adjustments page.

  • APR Spread
  • First Time Homebuyer
  • Home Ownership and Protection Act(HOEPA)
  • Monthly Income
  • Monthly Housing Expense
  • Mortgage Note Date
  • Number of Borrowers
  • Property Originally Appraisal Amount
  • Property Purchase Price
  • Property Number of Units, Rents and/or Bedrooms