Fannie Majors Open Pools

Fannie Majors® are typically multiple-issuer Fannie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) comprised of current production mortgage loans, including 30-, 20-, 15-, or 10-year fixed-rate loans; High Balance loans; and/or loans with a loan-to-value ratio greater than 105%.


Clarification of MBS Pool Delivery Limits
Fannie Mae has clarified its requirements regarding MBS de minimus delivery limitations for certain product characteristics as they relate to Fannie Majors multiple lender pools. Effective with MBS deliveries on or after December 22, 2008, each delivery a lender makes under a given Fannie Majors TBA MBS pool will be subject to the de minimus limitations that apply for a single TBA MBS pool.
Review Announcement 08-36: MBS Pool Delivery Limitations

When lenders deliver mortgage loans into a Majors pool, the lender receives a share of the pool in proportion to the dollar amount of the mortgages delivered.

Note: In order to provide more information on our MBS, Fannie Mae publishes the cumulative outstanding security balance of each open Fannie Majors pool from its issue date through the current business day. The cumulative outstanding security balance will be updated through the close of business on the prior business day. The final aggregate balances of closed Fannie Majors will also be displayed for the prior month until new pools are made available for future issue months.

For aggregated security balances and other details on currently available open Fannie Majors pools, please select the product links below.

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