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The Fannie Mae Connect™ reporting portal streamlines and integrates key information and data for our business partners in a single location, with a single sign-on. With simplified access to data, reports, and analytics, Fannie Mae Connect makes doing business with us easier.

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You told us what you wanted, and we’re on it!  This Fall, we’re enhancing the platform’s usability with new features and functionality for Users and Administrators. Learn more here:

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  • Message Manager As-Is Retires on Dec. 22.

    All reports are consolidated onto other platforms. Selling reports can be found as follows: MBS Closing Statements and MBS Same Month Pooling are in the Loan Delivery category of Fannie Mae Connect Report Center. BU/BD Ratios is now located in PE-MBS application. Review the Servicing Reports Transition document for location of Servicing reports.

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