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Fannie Mae provides competitive pricing and a number of execution options to fit your business needs including whole loan sales, securities trading, and early funding.

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  • Manage Origination Pipeline Risk with Best Efforts Committing

    Hedging mortgage pipeline risk in a fast-paced market environment can be challenging and costly. With our best efforts committing option, Fannie Mae handles the pipeline management and interest rate risk for you.

  • New Tips for MBS Operational Tasks

    A new document provides tips to assist lenders in the operational mechanics involved in trading, delivering, and settling MBS securities with the Fannie Mae Capital Markets Sales Desk. This document provides descriptions of common processes, helpful hints, and contact information for the associated operational functions.

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Whole Loan and MBS Questions: 1-800-752-0257
Early Funding Questions: 1-866-944-3863
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