eMortgage Calculator

The eMortgage Calculator is a web-based tool that enables lenders to customize and test different scenarios to determine how an electronic mortgage process can be beneficial for business.

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Save Time & Money, Reduce Risk, Provide a Better Borrower Experience

The calculator can help you understand the impact of eMortgages across the following processes by comparing paper vs. electronic options:

Pre-close and close operational expenses
See how "no more chasing the borrower down" for missing signatures or documents translates to your bottom line. Understand where you can reduce manual touchpoints and increase your operational efficiency.

Warehouse funding and related costs or funding details (if you self-fund)
Learn what shorter warehouse or self-funding periods can mean for your business and cash flow.

Delivery/Funding operational expenses
Take a look at what you could save on custodial storage fees and understand your technology solution provider fees.

Additional eMortgage production volume multiplier benefits
Understand how you can you can potentially increase your annual loan volume.

Benefit from the ability to settle earlier
Explore potential pricing benefits across the board.

Your Total Benefits
An informed decision about what matters to your business.