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Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) provides lenders a comprehensive credit risk assessment that determines whether a loan meets Fannie Mae’s eligibility requirements.

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  • DU for Government Loans September Updates new

    Provides details on the implementation of updates to DU for government loans scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 12, 2015.

  • Selling Notice

    The 2015 AMIs have been published on Fannie Mae’s website and will be implemented in Desktop Underwriter® the weekend of August 15, 2015.

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  • Online Billing Service

    Online Billing Service allows you to view specific invoice and report data.

  • Admin Tool

    Resource for configuring options and permissions for specific Fannie Mae technology tools.

  • Managing DO Sponsorship Requests

    Review and manage sponsorship requests via ‘Manage Originator Sponsorships’ link in Technology Manager.