Condo Project Standards Training

The Project Standards Training page provides training on project review guidelines, budget fundamentals and condo calculations, as well as other topics such as lien priority and litigation. Training solutions include on-demand micro-learning courses and job aids.

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New to Project Reviews?

Project Review Guidelines for Condos
Get started underwriting condos. Learn about terminology, documentation, project types, project review details, and additional resources.

Condo Project Manager
Learn how to enter a project in this online tool to get immediate feedback on the eligibility of a project.

General Condo Underwriting

Project Insurance Overview
Learn more about the main types of project insurance and why each type is important.

Reserve Calculations
Follow examples to learn about the basic reserve calculation and allowable exclusions.

The Why Behind the Policy: Two- to Four-Unit Project Review Waivers
Understand why we waive project reviews for two- to four-unit projects, learn about the delivery requirements, and more.

Fractured Projects
Learn about the cycle of a fractured project and when to consider a developer as an investor and a project as established.

Commercial Space
Learn how to calculate the percentage of commercial space in a project with both commercial and residential units.

Minor Matter Litigation
When does litigation meet the minor matter definition? View this short scenario-based training to find out.

Project Review

HUD Review Approval Process (HRAP)
Use this checklist to determine if FHA-approved condo projects meet our delivery acceptance requirements for projects on the FHA-approved condo list.

Project Eligibility Review Service (PERS) Overview
Learn which projects require a PERS review, what documents you need, and what ineligible characteristics may be considered.