Bulk Transactions

Our bulk transaction team has proven success assisting our customers in selling and securitizing seasoned loans. Our knowledgeable team can help you address your liquidity and capital requirements with solutions designed to fit your portfolio needs.

Help with Deal Factory

Watch this short video that explains the enhanced DF1 spreadsheet.

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Preparing Your Loan Data File

The Deal Factory 1 (DF1) spreadsheet provides specifications that will assist users in gathering complete and accurate data ensuring the quickest possible turnaround for loan pricing in bulk sales transactions.

  • Enhanced DF1 Spreadsheet (Preferred)

    The enhanced DF1 spreadsheet helps you prepare an accurate and complete loan data file.

  • Original DF1 Spreadsheet

    If your security settings are not compatible with the macros built into the enhanced DF1 spreadsheet, this version can still be used to prepare and submit your loan data file.

Frequently Asked Questions

User Help

For more information on bulk transactions, contact your Fannie Mae Account Manager or email the Bulk Deal Team.

For technical assistance when assembling and/or submitting your data, contact Bulk Data Submissions.