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Guide Resources

  • Single-Family Guides, AllRegs

    This page is a resource for Fannie Mae's selling and servicing guides. Also, in collaboration with AllRegs, we provide our Single-Family Selling and Servicing Guides for free online on

  • Single-Family Selling & Servicing Guide Forms

    List of Single-Family Selling and Servicing Guide forms for originating and underwriting, delivering, and servicing.

  • Legal Documents

    Find all of the security instruments, notes, riders & addenda, and special-purpose legal documents to be used in connection with regularly amortizing one- to four-family conventional first mortgages that are sold to Fannie Mae.

Mortgage Fraud

  • Mortgage Fraud Prevention

    This page provides a variety of resources to help you detect and prevent mortgage fraud. Find statistics, factsheets, tools to help identify red flags, and training resources.