Fannie Mae’s lender partners rely on appraisers to provide them with thorough, accurate, and objective appraisal reports that result in reliable opinions of market value so they can make prudent underwriting decisions. The appraisal is used to judge the property’s acceptability for the mortgage loan requested in view of its value and marketability.

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Event Opportunities

Fannie Mae participates in appraisal industry events, and we look forward to talking with you there. For more information, please visit the resources listed below.

Date Event Name Location
Sept. 15-17 Appraisal Summit Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 30-Oct. 2 Valuation Expo Las Vegas, NV


  • Appraiser Update September 2019

    The September 2019 edition focuses on property inspections, answers questions about our Value Verify™ initiative currently being tested, and more.

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  • Appraising Properties with Solar Panels

    Watch our new video to find out differences between appraising properties with leased or owned solar panels, how to determine if the panels are real property or personal property, and more.

  • MH Advantage Training for Appraisers

    View our new eLearning to discover more about MH Advantage requirements, roles and responsibilities, and more.

Appraiser Careers

Fannie Mae is partnering with industry stakeholders to encourage new entrants to the residential appraisal field.

Career Opportunities in Residential Property Appraising

UAD Overview

  • Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD)

    The UAD is a component of the Uniform Mortgage Data Program® (UMDP®), jointly established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the direction of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to provide common requirements for appraisal and loan delivery data.