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ULDD Phase 3 Implementation Update
The GSEs have announced minor updates to the ULDD Phase 3 specification as well as our implementation dates for the collection of the new HMDA data. Loan Delivery will accept this data for delivery as of Dec. 18.
New Quarterly Compass
Discover Q2 2017 news and timelines related to Fannie Mae technology, policy, training opportunities, and beyond.
GSEs Announce Closing Disclosure Relief
To provide relief to customers, the GSEs announced that the Closing Disclosure PDF will not be required to be embedded within the UCD XML file until April 2018.
ULDD Phase 3 Update
The GSEs announced additional details regarding ULDD Phase 3, outlining the mandate timeline, new and revised data requirements, and guidance on HMDA data delivery.
Stay on Track with the UCD CheckPoint
The UCD CheckPoint provides a timeline with key milestones and implementation tips to help customers prepare for UCD adoption.
UCD Final Specification Update
The GSEs have updated the UCD Delivery Specification, Use Cases, and XML files in an effort to provide clear and accurate requirements for preparing the UCD file for delivery.
UCD Seller Data Relief
Effective as of the Sept. 25, 2017 UCD mandate, only the Borrower data and Closing Disclosure will be required in the UCD file. Seller data will not be required for UCD until Q3 2018.
Important Redesigned URLA Implementation Guidance
The GSEs have released implementation guidance and clarity around the effective date for the redesigned URLA (Fannie Mae Form 1003). See the announcement and republished forms and resources on the URLA page.
Updates to the UCD Collection Solution are Here
The Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) collection solution features new and modified edits, and an enhanced UCD Findings Report to include DU data. Visit the UCD page for updated resources and feedback messages.
UCD Mandate Announced
The UCD file must be submitted for all loans delivered to the GSEs with a Note Date on or after Sept. 25, 2017.
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