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Loan Delivery Supports ULDD Phase 3 and UCD
As of May 22, lenders may start delivering ULDD Phase 3 data (non-HMDA). Plus, UCD Casefile ID validation edits will be introduced July 24.
ULDD Phase 3 Update
The GSEs announced additional details regarding ULDD Phase 3, outlining the mandate timeline, new and revised data requirements, and guidance on HMDA data delivery.
New Quarterly Compass
Your one-stop-shop to technology releases, important milestones, training availabilities, policy changes, and much more.
Loan Delivery Credit Eligibility Edits: Severity Updates
The new credit eligibility edits in Loan Delivery will transition to Warning severity as of Jan. 23, then switch to Fatal severity as of March 13.
ULDD Phase 3 is Coming
The GSEs announced that the ULDD Phase 3 will include about 30 new data points and updates to existing data. Reference Fannie Mae's updated Appendix D for a list of data points.
Reminder of Appendix D Updates
Fannie Mae’s Appendix D was recently updated with changes to conditionality, enumerations, and implementation notes. Review the latest version (V2.0.5) to assist in delivering ULDD Phase 2 data requirements to us by June 27, 2016.
New and Modified Edits in Loan Delivery as of March 7
Reference the Change Notification for details on the upcoming edit changes in Loan Delivery to support the DU V. 9.3 release and HomeReady deliveries.
ULDD Phase 2 Implementation Considerations
Reference this guide to assist in preparing to deliver the ULDD Phase 2 data.
Begin Testing in New LDTE
The new Loan Delivery Test Environment (LDTE) is available to test the ULDD Phase 2 data and enhancements in the new Loan Delivery application. To support testing, reference the User Guide, Business Rules Dictionary, Test Cases, and more.
Stay on Track with Loan Delivery CheckPoint
The New Loan Delivery CheckPoint provides important implementation tips and key milestones to help keep you on track as you prepare to adopt the new application.
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