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Key Selling Announcement SEL-2016-04 Updates
For a summary of key updates in Selling Announcement SEL-2016-04, read the executive overview provided by Carlos Perez, Chief Credit Officer for Single Family.
Attending QC and Underwriting Boot Camp is "Time well spent"
A 2015 QC Boot Camp graduate reports, "I personally learned [so much about] tools to help my company to better manage all the QC requirements. This was time well spent." Join Fannie Mae and your peers for two days this summer and gain tools, ideas, and action items to improve your QC processes. Expanded this year to include an underwriting track. Open to Fannie Mae approved sellers.
CU Version 3.2: Appraisal Sharing Functionality Now Available
Collateral Underwriter has been updated to provide aggregators access to their correspondent-shared appraisals in the CU web application.
Assessing Income from Self Employment Course
This course gives lenders a solid working knowledge of underwriting self-employed borrowers.
UCDP Data Field Updates Coming June 13
Effective June 13, 2016, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will update the Submission Summary Report in UCDP, and update two Standard Data View comment fields on Form 1025.
CPM Users: Are You Compatible with Version 6.0?
To ensure compatibility with Condo Project Manager Version 6.0, please clear your browser cache. If using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, also deactivate "compatibility view" and turn off Enterprise Mode.
1-Minute HomeReady Overview
This whimsical video gives a one-minute overview of HomeReady features and flexibilities.
Preparing and Submitting a Loan File to Fannie Mae
This recorded tutorial will help you understand the file preparation and submission process when providing a loan file for a Fannie Mae quality assurance review. Available at your convenience, 24/7.
Lender Appreciates the High-Touch Help HFAs Can Offer
Mary Ann McGarry, CEO of Guild Mortgage, explains how Housing Finance Agencies can work with lenders to help borrowers.
New DU Version 10.0 Presentation
This online presentation covers the information you need to know about the June release of Desktop Underwriter Version 10.0.
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