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Announcement SEL-2015-08
The update includes allowing certain transactions involving affordable LTV ratio calculations be underwritten by DU; increased LTV, CLTV, and HCLTV ratios for certain Limited Reviews of condo projects; updates for leased solar panels; clarification of the “value” used to determine mortgage insurance coverage for New York properties, including co-ops; and other miscellaneous updates and changes.
Obtaining IRS Transcripts
Obtaining IRS Transcripts – Fannie Mae Policy provides information about our tax transcript requirements.
July 2015 AQM List Posted
The July 2015 Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list has been posted on the AQM page.
DU for Government Loans September Updates
Provides details on the implementation of updates to DU for government loans scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 12, 2015.
EarlyCheck Is Getting Smarter: Version 4.0 Coming Sept. 12
New and improved, more intuitive edit messaging is coming to EarlyCheck in September to enhance lenders’ ability to quickly resolve delivery issues prior to delivery.
Announcement SEL-2015-07
The announcement includes updates, clarifications, and simplifications relating to borrower income, assets, and employment; and other selling policies and lender requirements.
Key Selling Guide Updates June 2015
New this month: Carlos Perez, Chief Credit Officer for Single Family, provides an executive summary of key selling policy updates in the June 30 Selling Guide announcement.
Innovative Suite of Premier Risk Management Technologies - Greater Certainty Now at No Cost
Fannie Mae will enhance EarlyCheck, release a new loan delivery system, and eliminate fees on Desktop Underwriter and Desktop Originator.
Selling Notice
The 2015 AMIs have been published on Fannie Mae’s website and will be implemented in Desktop Underwriter® the weekend of August 15, 2015.
Desktop Underwriter Version 9.2 August Update Release Notes
Describes updates to DU scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 15, 2015, including implementing an affordable LTV ratio determination, HFA message updates, 2015 Area Median Incomes, a data entry validation update, and other message updates.
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