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Update to DU Test Credit Agency
Fannie Mae's Test Credit Agency was updated to be compatible with Desktop Underwriter Version 10.0.
The Dynamic Redesigned URLA and DU Specification are Here
The GSEs announced the release of their AUS specifications updated to MISMO v3.4, along with the dynamic version of the redesigned URLA (Form 1003), as well as the URLA Spanish Translation Aid.
New Quarterly Compass: Expanded Edition for Q3
The new three-page Quarterly Compass summarizes what’s new with the UCD collection solution, HARP extension, redesigned URLA, Loan Delivery and EarlyCheck releases, Fannie Mae Connect, new webinars, and more.
New Fannie Mae Proprietary Appraisal Message in UCDP
A new proprietary appraisal message will be available in UCDP on Oct. 14, 2016.
EarlyCheck Releases October through January
Three EarlyCheck releases are planned involving new and updated edits. And, as of Jan. 21, 2017, numerous credit eligibility edits will be available upfront from downstream acquisitions systems to provide better transparency.
HCO Update for the Mortgage Readiness Assessment
Obtain credit reports with trended data to use the Mortgage Readiness Assessment feature in HCO effective Sept. 24, 2016.
August 2016 AQM List Posted
The August 2016 Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) list has been posted on the Appraiser Quality Monitoring page.
Key Selling Announcement SEL-2016-07 Updates
For a summary of key updates in this Selling Guide Announcement, view the executive perspectives video presented by Jude Landis, Vice President, Credit Policy, and/or the executive overview provided by Carlos Perez, Chief Credit Officer for Single Family.
Selling Guide Updates
The following updates were made in August; incorporating the Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process into the Selling Guide, enhancing nontraditional credit underwriting guidelines for loans that are underwritten manually or using Desktop Underwriter (DU), eliminating project-level liability insurance for certain PUDs and two- to four-unit condo projects, and other miscellaneous updates.
HARP Extended; New High LTV Refi Options to Come
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced that the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) will be extended to September 30, 2017, continuing to provide liquidity to support eligible borrowers.
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