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New Tips for MBS Operational Tasks
A new document provides tips to assist lenders in the operational mechanics involved in trading, delivering, and settling MBS securities with the Fannie Mae Capital Markets Sales Desk. This document provides descriptions of common processes, helpful hints, and contact information for the associated operational functions.
Comparison of DVP and DVF (or Free) MBS Delivery Methods
This document compares the "Delivery vs. Payment" (DVP) and "Delivery vs. Free" (DVF) methods for delivering MBS to Fannie Mae and the delivery of funds to the lender.
Reminder: Government Loans Moving to Negotiated Product
Effective May 1, 2013, government loans may be delivered to us on a negotiated basis only, as described in Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2013-01. Lenders that have not obtained a negotiated variance to deliver government loans but have outstanding government whole loan commitments should make every effort to deliver loans against open commitments by April 30.
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