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The Digital eMortgage Transition Continues with Our New eVault
Earlier this year, we announced a decision to retire our existing eVault and replace it with a new eVault platform. We are pleased to announce that this transition is now complete and we are introducing a new modern and scalable eVault solution that supports a fully digital mortgage experience.
A New eVault to Support eMortgages with Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae has announced we have secured a new next-generation electronic eVault through eOriginal, Inc. Find out how this modern and efficient platform can benefit you and your business.
Fannie Mae Continues Support for eMortgage Adoption
Fannie Mae will transition the eNote to the MISMO SMART Doc Version 3.0 format (XML with embedded PDF) in 2017 as part of our ongoing commitment to improve the lending industry's ability to originate and deliver eMortgages.
GSE Survey Identifies Ways to Speed eMortgage Adoption
The GSEs surveyed key stakeholders to understand their experience with eMortgages. The survey sought to identify perceived obstacles that might hinder broader industry adoption.
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