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A2-1-08: Compliance with Requirements and Laws (06/21/2017)
The seller/servicer (and any subservicer or third-party originator it uses) must be aware of, and in full compliance with, all federal, state, and local laws (e.g., statutes, regulations, ordinances, administrative rules and orders that have the effect of law, and judicial rulings and opinions) that apply to any of its origination, selling, or servicing practices or other business practices (including the use of technology) that may have a material effect on Fannie Mae. Among other things, this means that the seller/servicer must comply with any applicable law that addresses fair housing, fair lending, equal credit opportunity, truth-in-lending, wrongful discrimination, appraisals, real estate settlement procedures, borrower privacy, data security, escrow account administration, MI cancellation, debt collection, credit reporting, electronic signatures or transactions, electronic notarization (including remote notarization), predatory lending, anti-money laundering, terrorist activity, ability to repay or the enforcement of any of the terms of the mortgage loan. The seller/servicer also must ensure that appraisals conducted in connection with single-family mortgage loans delivered to Fannie Mae conform to the Appraiser Independence Requirements.
F-1-17: Processing a Fannie Mae HAMP Modification (09/13/2017)
This Servicing Guide Procedure contains the following:
D1-4.3-02: Transfers of Ownership on RD Mortgage Loans (11/12/2014)
This topic contains information on transfers of ownership on RD mortgage loans.
D1-3-01: Evaluating the Damage Caused by a Disaster (11/12/2014)
This topic contains information on evaluating damage caused by a disaster.
F-1-29: Remitting and Accounting to Fannie Mae (01/18/2017)
This Servicing Guide Procedure contains the following:
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