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Positive Rent Payments

Reduce eligibility barriers with positive rent payment history

Available in Desktop Underwriter

For too long, lenders have been unable to easily consider first-time homeowners’ history of consistent rental payments when seeking to qualify them for mortgages.

Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) now uses asset report data to consider a borrower’s 12-month positive rent payment history. We believe this innovation will help more first-time homeowners qualify for a mortgage. Together, let's make more renters, homeowners.

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How to use positive rent payments in DU 

  1. Educate the borrower about the verification of asset (VOA) process and get borrower consent to order a VOA report.
  2. Enter the monthly rent payment amount in the loan application.
  3. Order a VOA report with 12-months of asset data from an authorized report supplier. Enter the Reference ID in DU and ensure that the rent payment amount entered aligns with the withdrawal amount(s) in the VOA report.
  4. Review the messages in the DU Findings report to see if positive rent payment history has been considered.

Pro Tip: DU will issue a message if ordering an asset report could improve the underwriting recommendation. So, if you didn’t order a VOA report and your casefile did not receive an Approve/Eligible recommendation, it’s easy to order a report and resubmit to DU.

How to use positive rent payments in DU

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First Step in Helping

First step in helping qualify more homebuyers

In a recent sample of applicants who had not owned a home in the past three years and did not receive a favorable recommendation through Desktop Underwriter, 17% could have received an Approve/ Eligible recommendation if their rent payment history had been considered.