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Working Remotely with the Zscaler App

Welcome to working remotely with Zscaler. Below is what you currently have access to. If you need access to full functionality of all applications, such as HomeSite and other business apps, then it is recommended that you close your current apps and switch from the established Zscaler connection to Citrix VPN.

Be mindful when switching over from Zscaler App to VPN as you will need to reopen your apps to establish connectivity with the different applications.

What is accessible via Zscaler App?

What is Accessible

  • Office 365 Apps - (Browser and desktop versions)
    • Excel
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    • PowerPoint
    • Word
  • Jabber Chat
  • WebEx
  • External websites (e.g.,,

What is Not Accessible

  • HomeSite
  • IAG
  • Concur
  • Human Resources
  • Internal applications (e.g. CLM, DU)
  • Jabber Voice
  • MyServices
  • Payroll Connect
  • Reserve Now
  • SharePoint Sites that have not migrated to the cloud.
  • Most intranet sites

* To access these applications on the intranet, connect to VPN.