REMIC Collateral (RC) Loan Level Report

With the implementation of the Single Security Initiative, the information on this webpage will be available in our new PoolTalk® disclosure application.

As of November 1, 2018, Multifamily REMIC Collateral (RC) Loan Level Reports were no longer posted below. Multifamily RC Loan Level information is available in DUS Disclose®.

The files provided below contain information on the mortgage loans backing our whole loan structured transactions. In the event the loan servicer is unable to provide all the information for a specified data element, that data element will be left blank.

These files do not include column headings so that users can download the data directly into their systems. The column heading information is available on the file layout (PDF).

The REMIC Collateral (RC) Loan Level Report is presented as a text-formatted file (.TXT).

Originally published: 10/26/18