Duty to Serve

Advancing Housing Affordability

2018 Duty to Serve scoring Our year-one Underserved Market Plan evaluation is in FHFA has released our 2018 Duty to Serve scoring. Learn more by visiting FHFA.gov. More
New Ownership Trends The Need for Non-Traditional Ownership of Manufactured Housing Communities We’re developing new strategies and thinking differently about how MHCs are viewed and financed. More
2018 Accomplishments 2018 Accomplishments under Duty to Serve See a snapshot of our year by the numbers and learn about the actions we’re taking. More
Green Bond Impact Report Our Multifamily Green Bond Impact Report highlights successes As the world’s largest green bond issuer in 2017-18, we’re helping preserve affordable rental housing. More
Modified Duty to Serve Plans Modified Duty to Serve Plans available View our modified Underserved Markets Plan at FHFA.gov or in the Resources section below. More

Affordable housing is the heart of our mission

Having an affordable place to call home is a dream so many share. But the chance to achieve that dream isn't always equal in all markets.

Our Duty to Serve initiative tackles this challenge in three of the country's toughest markets—manufactured housing, rural housing, and the preservation of existing affordable housing.

And it helps people of modest means Fannie Mae was created to serve—those facing affordability or financing obstacles, and those threatened by the loss of low-cost housing.

An opportunity to serve

Our three-year Duty to Serve Plan is hands-on and personal, but also nationwide.

We're on the ground in Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, tribal communities, and our border regions. We're addressing workforce housing and persistent poverty. We're helping save affordable rentals and reducing costs through energy and water efficiency. We're engaged with the manufactured housing industry and its communities.

It's an opportunity to partner, to create, to test new solutions, and to improve the housing finance system while we serve the people who need a safe, affordable place to call home.

See how we’re advancing housing affordability

Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis through Preservation
Our Duty to Serve Commitment