MCODES for Bonds

This MCODES for Bonds application combines all the necessary steps you need to obtain a Fannie Mae commitment and to deliver data for forward commitments, bond credit enhancements or pools of mortgages you wish to sell to Fannie Mae. You enter commitment, loan, and property data, and MCODES will automatically complete the appropriate data fields. Confirmed commitments can be printed directly from this application.

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Note: Beginning with the release of C & D 2.0 on April 30, 2007, all new Cash and MBS commitments and deliveries are to be submitted to Fannie Mae through C & D. All existing commitments submitted prior to April 30th will remain in MCODES and will therefore be delivered through MCODES. Please note that Forward commitments will continue to be committed to Fannie Mae through MCODES until further notice. However, permanent conversion will occur in the C & D. MCODES will also be used to deliver bond transactions until further notice.

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