Energy and Water Research Survey

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The Multifamily Energy and Water Research Survey is part of a broader national effort to understand trends in energy and water consumption and costs in multifamily properties. We expect that this research will be of great value to owners and managers of multifamily properties and encourage you to participate in this important effort. It is being conducted by ICF International and is endorsed by the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council, the National Multi Housing Council, Urban Land Institute, and Fannie Mae Multifamily Business.

The survey's summary findings will be placed into a report and made available to those who complete the survey. The data collected will also assist in the exploration of the development of a multifamily ENERGY STAR ® 1 to 100 energy performance scale and certification. This scale would allow building owners and managers to track and compare their own properties' energy and water usage and costs, and could be made available as early as 2013.

Please note the following important points regarding the survey:

  • Your survey participation is voluntary and will not affect your ability to maintain current or obtain future Fannie Mae financing.
  • You will be asked to provide information about your property's physical layout and energy and water cost and consumption for twelve consecutive months covering 2011. To quickly fill in the survey, please have your 2011 energy and water bills for all meters serving the property or properties selected to participate in the survey.
  • Identifying information will be removed from the data. At no time will property financial information, owner information, or tenant information be included in the survey report or data set. Contact information will be used only if follow-up is needed to ensure a complete response.
  • If sufficient whole building data is not received or is not the quality of data required, the development of a multifamily ENERGY STAR ® 1 to 100 energy performance scale will not be possible.

With your generous help, we look forward to providing you with meaningful insights on multifamily energy and water consumption and costs.

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Instructions to complete the survey can be found on the first tab in each Excel file. When completed, please submit your survey by email.

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