HPB/Energy and Water Audit Report

Learn about the High Performance Building Assessment, a protocol created by Fannie Mae for conducting energy and water audits.

Fannie Mae's High Performance Building Assessment

Fannie Mae has created a protocol for conducting energy and water audits, called the High Performance Building (HPB) Assessment. The HPB protocol provides guidance on the scope of the energy and water audit, and how to calculate and document the projected energy and water cost and consumption savings identified at the property. The energy audit follows ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit standards and requires the calculation of the property's ENERGY STAR® Score for Multifamily.

The HPB Assessment is designed to be an integrated section within the Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report, which assesses the overall condition of the property.

Access the Forms 4099 and Form Appendices 4099A-4099H to review the scope of the PCA Report and HPB Assessment.

Conducting a High Performance Building Assessment

Certain Fannie Mae Green Financing Solutions require that a High Performance Building Assessment be conducted at the same time as a Property Condition Assessment. Review the requirements of each Green Financing loan products to confirm if the HPB Assessment is required. Fannie Mae does not order the HPB Assessment on behalf of the property owner or the lender. With its delegated financing model, Fannie Mae entrusts the ordering of the HPB Assessment and the selection of the vendor to its lender. The lender must ensure that the vendor selected meet the qualifications stipulated within the PCA and HPB protocols, as published in Forms 4099 and Form Appendices 4099A-4099H.