Congrats to our 2017 DUS Lender Award Recipients!

We have so much to celebrate and to be proud of as a DUS® platform. The #LoanWeAllOwn is one way that we're expressing our unique partnership and the value that we bring to the multifamily market. We’re just a few short weeks away from our annual DUS Meeting in Austin and we’re going to kick off the festivities early! We will announce a few lender award winners each week until we see you in the Lone Star State (Click to see the latest announcement). Keep an eye out for email announcements, as well as messages on Twitter and LinkedIn to see if your company has won one of these coveted awards.

The DUS model has stood the test of time for 30 years and we are focused on building the best DUS model for the future. The loan we all own is a true testament of our partnership and great work that we do to serve renters across the country.

Thank you and I look forward to congratulating the winners in person in Austin!

Warmest regards,

Jeff Hayward
Executive Vice President of Multifamily

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"The work that Wells Fargo does to serve the multifamily market has significant reach, and so it has correspondingly significant impact. Over the years we have worked together on many transactions that have positively impacted thousands of renters, especially in Affordable and workforce housing. Their dedication to our Affordable Housing business is what we are looking for in a partner. Thank you, Wells Fargo, for being such a remarkable partner and congratulations on a great 2017!" - Mike Winters, Vice President, Fannie Mae

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer #1 Affordable Housing Lender Top 5 Green Financing Lender Top 5 Manufactured Housing Communities Lender

2017 Awards #1 DUS Producer #1 Green Financing Lender #1 Student Housing Lender Top 5 Affordable Housing Lender Top 5 Manufactured Housing Communities Lender

"Walker and Dunlop has been one of our most accomplished partners for nearly 30 years, and 2017 was no different. Their attention to detail, strong relationships throughout the market, and communication expertise has allowed them to stay one of our top lenders year over year. The work that we do with Walker & Dunlop continues to exceed our expectations and we truly value the end result. It is because of lenders like Walker & Dunlop that families are able to get the safe housing that they need. Many congratulations, I cannot wait to see where our partnership takes us in 2018!" - Jeffrey Ketron, Vice President, Customer Engagement

"Regions is working diligently in a variety of areas including Seniors Housing and the Borrower Channel to quickly become one of our top DUS Lenders. We are very impressed with the work they did in 2017 to ramp up their production and send their teams to Fannie Mae trainings. I can’t wait to see where our partnership takes us in 2018. Congratulations!" - Laura Glennon, Director, Customer Engagement

2017 Awards DUS Up and Comer

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer Top 5 Small Loan Lender

"PNC deserves a huge congratulations for their success in 2017. I have had the pleasure of watching them grow over the years as one of our top DUS lenders, and I am honored to work with such a well-rounded group of individuals. PNC has very knowledgeable and seasoned underwriting and credit professionals, who consistently deliver thorough, high quality deal submissions and top value business. Our partnership is built from shared success, and that being said, 2017 was a banner year for all. I look forward to what we will do together in 2018!" - Phyllis Klein, Vice President, Customer Engagement

"SunTrust has dedicated resources to the growth and development of its affordable platform, enabling them to be one of our top producers in 2017. Preserving Multifamily Affordable Housing is at the cornerstone of what we do at Fannie Mae, and I am grateful to have a lender like SunTrust on our side. I look forward to working with you to make 2018 another great year for Affordable Housing! Congratulations!" - Angela Kelcher, Director, Customer Engagement

2017 Awards Top 5 Affordable Housing Lender

2017 Awards DUS Innovation Partner

"PGIM is being recognized for something that is vital to us all – innovation. This topic will continue to be at the forefront as we keep building for the future. We can’t do it without you and that’s why this award for DUS Innovation Partner is so important. I especially want to recognize Mike McRoberts as he has been instrumental in championing CLASS and facilitating lender engagement in the initiative. I look forward to the innovative solutions we will craft together to brace the ever changing multifamily market." - Woody Brewer, Vice President, Customer Engagement

"In 2017, NorthMarq rolled out a multitude of comprehensive process and technology enhancements that upgraded not only their performance in Asset Management, but their internal culture as well, allowing them to rise to the next level. NorthMarq has worked hard to enhance their processes in several key areas, including reporting and trending analytics, risk rating methodology, quarterly operating statement analysis, employee training, and front/back end engagement and transparency. Their leadership and industry knowledge has consistently been in the top tier. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve our robust relationship with NorthMarq." - Amr Fawzi, Director, Multifamily Credit Risk

2017 Awards Excellence in Asset Management

2017 Awards Top 5 Student Housing Lender

"M&T continues to be a solid performer as one of our DUS Lenders. We value their partnership and the many positive aspects they add to our relationship. Our colleagues at M&T are both good to work with and very responsive. They often identify obstacles that impede progress and build bridges that help provide the Fannie Mae “life of loan” execution to borrowers. I am proud to congratulate them for their success in 2017!" - Jeffrey Ketron, Vice President, Customer Engagement

"Fannie Mae is fortunate to have a strong lender like KeyBank on our side. Their deep expertise and strong borrower relationships across multiple product lines contributed to their continued rise to the top in 2017. KeyBank’s knowledgeable staff contributes greatly to their success and I am proud to be part of a deal team that has the opportunity to work with them every day. As we celebrate 30 years of our DUS platform, we look forward to where this partnership will take us in the future. Congratulations on your hard-earned awards in 2017!" - Tray Flowers, Customer Account Manager, Customer Engagement

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS ProducerExcellence in Loss Mitigation#1 Seniors Housing LenderTop 5 Manufactured Housing Communities LenderTop 5 Student Housing Lender Top 5 Affordable Housing Lender

2017 Awards Top 5 Small Loan Lender

"The work that we did in 2017 with JPMorgan Chase to support the Small Loan market is crucial to the role that we play in this important business segment, and one that contributes to our Housing Goals mission. We rely on our partnership with you to serve the multifamily market and provide a safe and affordable place that renters can call home. Thank you for your partnership and for supporting our mission across all markets and business areas. I look forward to the positive impact we will have in 2018!" - Mike Winters, Vice President, Customer Engagement

"JLL had a great year in 2017, more than doubling their production in 2016! Their knack for selling Fannie Mae products and incorporating their Debt platform with their Investment Sales platform provides a great source of business and execution for their customers. JLL’s recognition is well-deserved and I look forward to another great year with them as our partner." - Bill O’Brien, Director, Customer Engagement

2017 Awards Top 5 Affordable Housing Lender Top 5 Seniors Housing Lender

2017 Awards Top 5 Small Loan Lender

"Hunt has consistently been a key partner with us over the years in helping shape our Small Loan platform in order to provide liquidity to this very challenging market. They have been a consistent leader in this space since they created their platform in 2009. Their strong partnership helps us with our mission to provide safe and affordable rental housing throughout the country. Congratulations and thank you for your partnership!" - Paul Gembara, Director, Multifamily Credit Risk

"Greystone is well deserving of this year’s Excellence in Operations award among their other various successes. They have proven their strong commitment to the timely delivery of high quality data, constant engagement, and partnership all focused on meeting our mutual customer’s expectations. They rank among the top performers in our many Operations areas, helping us provide the highest level of support to our borrowers. Congratulations!" -Doug Higgs, Vice President, Multifamily Operations

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer Excellence in OperationsTop 5 Seniors Housing Lender Top 5 Small Loan Lender

2017 Awards Top 5 Seniors Housing Lender

"We are happy to recognize Grandbridge for their success in the Seniors Housing space. Our powerful Credit Facility execution, combined with our Seniors Housing product, has provided Grandbridge the ability to rise to the top 5 in 2017. We are excited to see where this success takes them in 2018 and I look forward to all of the work we will do together to serve the Seniors Housing market and beyond." - Roosevelt Davis, Director, Seniors Housing

"We are fortunate to partner with such a market leader. CBRE’s real estate professionals are knowledgeable, thoughtful in their approach, and add value to our partnership by being on top of market trends and promoting Fannie Mae’s execution. Together we are able to collaborate and innovate within the multifamily market and establish strong relationships along the way. CBRE has contributed greatly to the success of our Green Financing and Student Housing businesses and I thank them for their lasting partnership. Congratulations on the awards!" - Wil Steplight, Director, Customer Engagement

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer Top 5 Green Financing Lender Top 5 Student Housing Lender

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer Top 5 Manufactured Housing Communities Lender

"Capital One has consistently been a terrific partner to us over the years – they have been a Top 10 DUS Producer year over year. In particular, their focus on the Manufactured Housing Communities product has won them well-deserved recognition in 2017 and helps Fannie Mae meet our Housing Goals. Capital One is a great example of how our partnership with our lenders allows us to serve the millions of Americans who need safe and affordable rental housing. Congratulations, Capital One, and we are proud to work with you every day!" - Ray Adkins, National Account Manager, Customer Engagement

"Berkeley Point is receiving the Excellence in Credit Underwriting award in 2017 because of their ability to consistently exercise sound credit judgment in all aspects of loan origination. By advocating for expanded delegation, promoting new products, and remaining well calibrated on credit decisions they demonstrate strong partnership with Fannie Mae. Berkeley Point has an experienced credit leadership team, and they work well with us to navigate difficult deal structures. Their underwriting staff is also fantastic – they’re very attentive to detail as they move deals through the underwriting process to delivery. Congratulations!" - Rob Levin, Vice President of Credit Underwriting

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer Excellence in Credit Underwriting Top 5 Green Financing Lender

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer #1 Manufactured Housing Communities Lender Outstanding Structured Partner Top 5 Seniors Housing Lender Top 5 Green Financing Lender Top 5 Student Housing Lender

"Berkadia had a tremendous 2017 and for the second year in a row, Berkadia is being recognized as our Outstanding Structured Partner for originating the largest number of new Credit Facilities in 2017 and for utilizing Credit Facilities across several DUS products including MAH, Seniors, MHC, Conventional, Small Loans and Green. Berkadia has committed resources and time to ensure successful marketing of the Fannie Mae Structured Product. Thank you for your partnership!" - Mike Winters, Vice President of Customer Engagement

"Arbor's commitment to the small loan business is impressive. Their portfolio is geographically diverse, and includes rural markets, so they're truly in every market every day. Their sophisticated technology platforms like ALEX, which is dedicated to enhancing the small loan space, allow them to excel. Arbor is consistently a top performer and the title of #1 Small Loan Producer in 2017 is well deserved. Congrats and thanks for being a great partner!" - Ann Atkinson, Director of Customer Engagement

2017 Awards Top 10 DUS Producer #1 Small Loan Producer