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Multifamily Legal Guidelines
Review the legal guidelines before downloading Multifamily Loan Documents and Guide Forms & Exhibits files.
Legal Guidelines

Form Form Title
Form 178 Report of Multifamily Hazard Insurance Loss
Form 276 Custody Document Transmittal
Form 485 Multifamily Principal and Interest (P&I) Custodial Account Analysis
Form 486 Multifamily Taxes and Insurance (T&I) Custodial Account Analysis
Form 487 Multifamily Collateral Agreement Custodial Account Analysis
Form 1002 Mortgage Bankers' Financial Reporting Form (MBFRF)
Form 1055 Multifamily Authorization for Automatic Transfer of Funds
Form 2050 Letter of Authorization for Multifamily P&I Custodial Account
Form 2051 Letter of Authorization for Multifamily Collateral Agreement Custodial Account
Form 2052 Letter of Authorization for Multifamily T&I Custodial Account
Form 4090 Bond Credit Enhancement Activity Report
Form 4097 Multifamily Required Trade Information for Cash or MBS Form
Form 4098 Fannie Mae Multifamily Additional Disclosure Guidance
Form 4099 Instructions for Performing a Multifamily Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
Form 4099.A Appendix A: Streamlined PCA Guidance
Form 4099.B Appendix B: Pre-Site Visit Questionnaire
Form 4099.C Appendix C: Structural Risk Evaluation Questionnaire
Form 4099.D Appendix D: Guidance on Preparing PCA Report Schedules and Templates
Form 4099.E Appendix E: Property Condition Report Templates
Form 4099.F Appendix F: Estimated Useful Life Tables
Form 4099.G Appendix G: Known Problematic Building Materials
Form 4099.H Appendix H: HPB Module Report Tables
Form 4165 DUS Capital Calculation Requirements
Form 4201 Master Lease Review Checklist
Form 4202 Certificate of Corporate Debt Compliance
Form 4203 Lender Certification (UCC Continuation Filing)
Form 4250 Green Building Certifications
Form 4254.DEF Multifamily Analysis of Operations -- Form 4254 and Form 4254 Seniors Line Item Definitions
Form 4261 Multifamily Catastrophic Loss Inspection
Form 4327 Physical Needs Assessment (Small Loan)
Form 4622 Defeasance Notice
Form 4624 Borrower Designation Letter
Form 4625 Counsel Designation Request
Form 4630 Defeasance Authorization for ACH Remittance
Form 4631 Defeasance Transmittal Form
Form 4636 Multifamily Asset Management Delegated Transaction Form
Form 4637 Approved Multifamily Lender Certification
Form 4638 Multifamily Waiver Review Form -- Insurance
Form 4643 Hedge Delivery Information Form
Form 4648 Substitution Sponsor Eligibility Request Form
Form 4652 Opinion of Lender's Counsel on Execution of Reserve Agreement
Form 4653 Opinion of Letter of Credit Issuer's Counsel
Form 4654 Opinion of Lender's Counsel (Non-Letter of Credit as Collateral)
Form 4655 Opinion of Letter of Credit Issuer's Counsel (Amendment to Letter of Credit)
Form 4656 UCC Description of Non-Letter of Credit Collateral
Form 4660 Multifamily Underwriting Standards (This is not available to the general public. Lenders: Contact your chief underwriter or production manager.)
Form 4661 Multifamily Quote Sheet Version 4.5
Form 4662 Underwriting Data Form
Form 4663 Letter of Credit and Sight Draft
Form 4664 Letter of Credit Certification Form
Form 4665 Ground Lease Review Checklist
Form 4666 Acceptable Super Lien Statutes
Form 4669 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract Review Sheet
Form 4670 Fannie Mae/FHA Pre-Application for a Reservation of Risk Sharing Units
Form 4671 HUD Region Codes and State/Area Codes and Jurisdictions
Form 4672 FHA Risk Sharing Subsidy Layering Information
Form 4673 Addendum to Risk Sharing Agreement
Form 4674 FHA Risk Sharing Request Data Sheet
Form 4800 Multifamily Servicing File Content Requirements
Form 4801 Structured Facilities Monitoring Narrative
Form 4802 Structured Facilities Monitoring Spreadsheet
Form 4803 Insurance Payee Notice Letter
Form 4804 Reservation of Rights Letter
Form 4805 Multifamily Late Payment Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed
Form 4806 Multifamily Partial Payment Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed
Form 4807 Multifamily No Payment Received Letter - Fees (Optional) Assessed
Form 4808 Servicing Transfer Memo
Form 4809 Checklist of Issues to Consider in Doing a Workout Analysis
Form 4810 Servicer Workout Action Template
Form 4811 Pre-negotiation Form Letter (NOI and Loan Document Provisions)
Form 4812 Pre-negotiation Form Letter
Form 4813 Collateral Submission Report
Form 4814 Form Letter of Engagement for Appraiser
Form 4815 Form Letter of Engagement for Environmental Consultant
Form 4816 Fannie Mae Multifamily Selling and Servicing Guide - Contact Directory
Form 4817 Loan Notification Form - Secondary Risk Mortgage Loan
Form 4818 DUS Delinquent Loan Report
Form 4819 DUS Interim Loss Sharing Request for Reimbursement Report
Form 4820 DUS Final Settlement of Loss Calculation
Form 4821 Engagement Letter for Engineering Consultant (Joint Retention)
Form 4822 Engagement Letter for Environmental Consultant (Joint Retention)
Form 4823 Engagement Letter for Appraiser (Joint Retention)
Form 4824 Engagement Letter for Review Appraiser (Joint Retention)
Form 4825 Appraiser Engagement Instructions (Lender Retention)
Form 4826 Engagement Letter for Appraiser (Fannie Mae)
Form 4828 Delinquency Advancing Stop and Advanced Payments Reimbursement Request Form
Form 4829 Servicing Advances/Payment Reimbursement Request Form

The forms are listed numerically. Note: Each form is saved as either a Microsoft® Word, Excel, or Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file.

If you have any questions regarding any form listed on this page, please contact a Multifamily representative.

Important Legal Notice

Any multifamily lender is authorized to reproduce verbatim and use the forms accessible from this page solely in the course of its regular lending business activities. All other restrictions described in the Legal Information section of the Web site remain in full effect. All conditions applicable to Fannie Mae approved Multifamily Lenders remain in full effect. All users are advised that most changes to the Fannie Mae form Loan Documents (even those made using a standard Fannie Mae modification Exhibit or Schedule) must be approved in writing by Fannie Mae prior to the delivery for purchase of any Multifamily Loan to Fannie Mae.

The forms accessible from this page are revised on a regular basis. Fannie Mae is not responsible to notify any user, other than Fannie Mae approved Multifamily Lenders, of any changes made to the Loan Documents. The user is responsible for determining whether it has the most up-to-date publication.