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Disaster Response Network Personalized Counseling When Disaster Strikes

Disaster Response Network: Personalized counseling when disaster strikes

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans facing financial hardship because of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), a number of resources are available to help you manage your current situation and get back on your feet.

While you can consider a mortgage forbearance plan if you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, financial hardship often affects more than just your housing. That’s where Fannie Mae’s Disaster Response Network™ can help.

The Disaster Response Network provides free financial coaching from the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development’s certified counselors. They are trained to help you navigate your housing and financial situation in the wake of a disaster, such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

Counselors at the Disaster Response Network will work with you over the phone. They assess your case and help you develop an action plan that addresses your unique situation. The certified counselors can also explain your mortgage relief options and join conversations with other assistance providers.

After you work with a housing counselor to set up your plan, the counselor will follow up to help make sure it’s working. If it’s not, you can work together to make necessary adjustments.

Who can use the Disaster Response Network?

Fannie Mae's Disaster Response Network™ is a resource you can utilize. When you contact the Disaster Response Network, HUD-approved housing counselors can develop a personalized action plan, explain mortgage relief or rental assistance programs, provide financial coaching, and support your successful recovery for up to 18 months.