Imagine Receiving Funds Faster. Reliably. Efficiently.

Get ready to optimize your capital with faster turn times.



Provide a Better Borrower Experience.

Give your borrowers a fast and efficient paperless closing process with an eMortgage. See how one lender was able to deliver a better customer experience: Land Home Financial Services Case Study.



You can execute an eNote in all 50 states.

Over 85% of the US population lives in a county with eRecording capabilities. Join the digital mortgage movement today.




Save time and money

Save Time and Money

Reduce cycle time from origination to delivery and eliminate costs associated with generating and managing paper closing documents.

Empower borrowers

Empower Borrowers

With the capability to review loan documents in advance, an eClosing provides borrowers an informative and efficient closing process.

Empower borrowers

Reduce Risk

Improve your data quality and eliminate missing documents and signatures in the closing package.

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eClosing / eMortgage

What is an eClosing?

An electronic closing occurs through a secure digital environment where some or all of the closing documents are accessed and executed electronically.

What is an eMortgage?

An "eMortgage" (electronic mortgage) refers to electronically-signed closing documents paired with an original digital promissory note (eNote or electronic note) signed on an eClosing platform and registered with the MERS® eRegistry upon execution.

Want to know more? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

eMortgage Readiness Checklist

How do I know if I'm ready for eMortgage?

The eMortgage Readiness Checklist outlines key steps toward adopting the digital mortgage process and will prepare you for selling and servicing eMortgages with Fannie Mae. Use it to assess readiness and track your progress.

eMortgage Landscape

Read the latest from industry experts:

Things are changing as the mortgage industry moves into the digital age. See what Henry Cason, head of digital products at Fannie Mae, has to say about these changes.
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eMortgage Calculator

Use the Fannie Mae eMortgage Calculator to evaluate the potential benefits of an eMortgage process for your business by comparing paper vs. electronic mortgage options. Test these scenarios:

  • Pre-close and close operational expenses
  • Warehouse funding and related costs or funding details (if you self-fund)
  • Delivery/Funding operational expenses
  • Additional eMortgage production volume multiplier benefits
  • Benefit from the ability to settle earlier

Not sure about how to use the eMortgage calculator? Check out this demo video.

Next steps


Use the eMortgage Readiness Checklist to review key steps toward adopting a digital mortgage process. This checklist will prepare you for selling and servicing eMortgages with Fannie Mae.


Identify, assess and select vendor partners. The list below provides options for various technology service providers:

  • Document Provider
  • Closing Platform
  • Vault

Technology Solution Provider (TSP) List

eVault Technology Solution Provider (TSP) List


New to MERS®?
Enjoy one seamless integration to become a System Member and an eRegistry Participant.

Already a MERS® System Member?
Sign an addendum to integrate with the MERS® eRegistry.

MERS eMortgage Video

MERS® eRegistry FAQs


Fund faster with an approved Warehouse Bank (WHB) that funds eNotes. Find e-capable Warehouse Bank (WHB) options on the list below:

Warehouse Lenders Funding eNotes


Verify your servicer can support eNotes. Find servicing options on the list below:

eNote Servicer & Sub‑Servicers

Start delivering eMortgages to Fannie Mae today!


Start delivering eMortgages to Fannie Mae today!



“The company recouped the cost it spent to implement a digital closing process in just three months.”
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Jeff Bode
President-owner at Mid America

“In post-close & delivery, we save about 45 minutes to an hour across all the departments who touch the file.”
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Michael Jones
Chief Financial Officer at Thrive Mortgage

“Within three years, I think [eMortgage] will be normal and people will wonder why we did it any other way.”
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Brenda Usher
Chief Operations Officer at Land Home Financial Services

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