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Just a few of the many reasons why Day 1 Certainty is a game changer:

End the paper chase

Our automated DU validation service electronically validates income, assets, and employment so you can close loans faster and deliver an optimized borrower experience – free from cumbersome paper-based processes.

Close loans faster

Day 1 Certainty automates loan origination processes, minimizing paperwork, and saving time, labor, and money so you can close loans faster.

No need for appraisals on eligible refinances and purchases

Fannie Mae's Property Inspection Waiver means some refinance and purchase transactions may not require an appraisal – expediting origination and saving borrowers' money.

Be certain of appraised value

Automated risk assessment means you get certainty on appraised value with a Collateral Underwriter® score of 2.5 or lower – approximately 60% of all appraisals submitted to Fannie Mae.

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