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UPDATED: July 31, 2019

Just Released 
Effective Date Impacted Area Description
June 14, 2019
Developer Portal

"Download Swagger” button removed from Internet Explorer: Due to a universal issue with Internet Explorer, users can no longer download any API swagger when viewing in Internet Explorer. Use another browser to download swagger.

Safari: Improved browser experience when viewing on a mobile device.

Enhanced Getting Started Guide: The cURLs within the Getting Started Guide have been updated to reflect the latest information as well as some new information related to OAuth Credentials.

On the Horizon 
Effective Date Impacted Area Description
September 26, 2019
Developer Portal

Auth Code Delete Capability — Organization (Org) Admins/Lenders can delete Auth Codes for any Technology Solution Provider (TSP) under them. In this process, the Org Admin will view the Auth Code unmasked, receive a Reference ID and a copy of a follow up email to the TSP with a notification of that deletion. Updated instructions on this process can be found in the “Get Started” guide as well as the FAQ section inside Developer Portal.

Historical Release Notes — Users can now access information on previous Developer Portal releases in a consolidated location.

Anchor API Catalog — Users can now copy the designated URL of a specific API within the API Catalog for future reference without having to search for it.

TSP Approved Auth Code Message — When a Technology Solution Provider (TSP) is generating a key, the approval message they see is now updated to better explain that the Org Admin/Lender has a specific amount of time to approve their request.

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