Introduction to Practice Cases

Our practice cases give you unlimited hands-on experience with the underwriting process. The cases represent different common types of loans and provide data for one or more borrowers. The expected underwriting recommendation for each practice case varies (based on the latest version of DU).

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You are encouraged to use the practice cases as a framework for exploring the underwriting process using different loan products, property types, and interest rates. You are also encouraged to create your own practice cases using the practice borrowers available through the Test Credit Agency. A list of all practice borrowers available is shown in the Test Credit Report Characteristics.

Using the Practice Cases

The Instructions PDF provides a description of the case, including sections of the Findings page.

The 1003 PDF provides a copy of the completed Uniform Residential Loan Application form (Form 1003) for the case that you can use if you are entering the data manually.

The Import file contains the actual loan data for the case. Download this file to your computer to import the loan data directly into DU or into any LOS that accepts the Fannie Mae Version 3.2 file format. The Import files are ZIP files. To download and extract a ZIP file using WinZip®:

  1. Click the link
  2. Select a folder on your computer where you want to save the file
  3. Right-click the saved .zip file. A Windows® menu appears.
  4. Select (left-click) WinZip, then Extract to folder. A new folder is created, which uses the title of the filename, minus the extension. The file resides in this folder.

Note: If you are using a software package other than WinZip to unzip files, refer to the instructions provided by that manufacturer.

Test Credit Agency

The Test Credit Agency allows you to request simulated credit reports for the practice borrowers. These reports are available to you free of charge, as are any underwriting submissions you request for the practice cases. For detailed instructions on submitting practice cases to the Test Credit Agency, see:

Download Practice Cases