Practice Case 6: FHA Loan

Get practice using Desktop Originator/Desktop Underwriter (DO/DU) to evaluate a FHA mortgage for a borrower purchasing a primary residence.

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Case Study Highlights

  • Ordering a credit report
  • Entering data for an FHA loan
  • Entering a gift asset

Complexity: Intermediate

Note: You must have a valid FHA Lender ID, as well as a valid FHA Sponsor ID (if a broker or correspondent) to submit this practice case for an underwriting recommendation. In addition, you must use the borrower and Social Security number listed in this document when performing practice submissions to the FHA TOTAL Scorecard. The use of other practice borrowers and Social Security numbers is not permitted when submitting to the FHA TOTAL Scorecard.

FHA mortgage loans are insured by FHA of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. With an FHA-insured loan, borrowers can purchase a home with a very low down payment (usually 3 percent of the FHA appraisal value or the purchase price, whichever is lower). FHA mortgages are subject to maximum loan limits that vary, depending on the cost of housing in the geographic location where the property is located.

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  • Introduction to Practice Cases

    Our practice cases gives you unlimited hands-on experience with the underwriting process. The cases represent different common types of loan and provide data for one or more borrowers. The expected underwriting recommendation for each practice case varies (based on the latest version of DU).

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