The New Targeted Refinance Process Benefits the Bottom Line

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Jeff HaywardAugust 1, 2014 -- As we promised you this spring at the DUS Meeting, the new initiatives and process improvements just keep on coming! I’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new Targeted Refinance initiative that empowers DUS Lenders to proactively seek opportunities to refinance and retain high-performing loans.

This retention strategy draws upon the collective Fannie Mae and DUS Lender knowledge of Borrowers and Properties and provides the Lender with increased delegation to negotiate the structure of the transaction within broad credit risk tolerances. Deal Teams are reviewing targeted performing loans eligible for prepayment through the next 24 months now, and will begin working with Lenders to provide recommendations on loans to refinance by the end of September,

We’re continuing to deliver F.A.S.T Forward results. Here are the F.A.S.T. benefits of the Targeted Refinance process:

  • Focus: Targets high-quality assets with Fannie Mae Priority Borrowers.
  • Aggressive: Offers Borrowers the most competitive Fannie Mae terms for consideration early in the refinance process – giving DUS Lenders ample latitude to negotiate the final loan structure.
  • Smart: Maintains strong Borrower/Lender relationships and keeps profitable loans in our portfolios.
  • Teamwork: Aligns Fannie Mae and DUS Lenders to execute a winning loan retention strategy.

If you have any questions about how you can benefit from Targeted Refinance, please reach out to Hilary Provinse, Phyllis Klein, or your Deal Team.